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Industrial Machine Parts

Naranjo Electronics has designed and/or engineered switches and components for material handling systems and machines. These components are sometimes hard to come by or do not exist for a particular application. See the information below for more about parts and gadgets.

Current Product Line (Line Card)

Machines We Service

Machines come from a wide variety manufactures with hundreds of makes and models both European and domestic. Naranjo Electronics has over 20 years experience and confidence to service ALL machines. Click the link below for a list of machines, even if your machine is not in this list – we can service it!

Machines we service (machine names)

Current Supply Brushes

current contactCurrent Supply Brushes are now available at Naranjo Electronics. We know how hard it is to find current supply brushes, and we supply these due to our vast use with them.  If you have any questions or would like more information please contact us.

Wotan Teletrol input/output Boards

We repair or replace damaged Wotan input or output boards.  If you would like more information on Wotan boards or would like to order these, please contact us.

Wotan - hight output board Wotan - input board Wotan - low output board

Pneumatic Tube Sensors

Pneumatic tube sensorThe Pneumatic Tube Sensor is designed to replace the mechanical switch in a pneumatic tube system. The sensor can be made to generate a positive output or a negative output depending on the requirements of the pneumatic tube system. The sensor fits in the same mounting as the mechanical switch so there is no need to make a new mounting. If you would like more information on pneumatic tube sensors or would like to order these, please contact us.

Non-Mechanical Plainer Switch

Below is just a small example of the custom parts Naranjo Electronics has fabricated for varied use. This part replaces a mechanical plainer switch with a non-mechanical sensor so that there are no moving parts. By replacing the original switch with this electric model we have reduced the chances for a point of failure in the machine. Contact us today for a custom parts quote.

Plainer switch diagram Plainer control Plainer sensor pad