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Naranjo Electronics provides services for industrial controls and machine automation.

You need an experienced mechanical engineer you can trust, we offer an extensive variety of services for machines used in all types of industry including manufacturing, metalworking and woodworking. Contact Us for more information.

Industrial machine

Electronic Control Systems Repair and Maintenance

Electronic control systems are the backbone of the manufacturing industry. Naranjo Electronics services all varieties of systems including metal fabrication, woodworking machines, steel mills, tool & die, automotive, packaging, plastics and more. Contact Us for more information. 

Machine Retrofitting

You can save thousands of dollars by retrofitting your existing machines with a new control system. Don’t scrap your system without first contacting us for a free consultation. Naranjo Electronics will design and implement a custom solution to meet your changing needs. Contact Us for more information.

Material Handling Systems

Naranjo Electronics can troubleshoot, diagnose and repair your material handling systems. We specialize in electronic motion control and pneumatic system integration, retrofitting and repair. Contact Us for a free quote.

Pneumatic Tube Systems

Conveyor Systems

Parts Counting Machines

Naranjo Electronics services a full range of parts counting machines to keep your product line flowing. Contact Us for more information. 

Power Systems & Service

In today’s wired world, we cannot afford to be without power and connectivity for long. Naranjo Electronics installs, repairs and maintains many types of generators. Ask us about a custom solution to meet your backup power needs.
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Generator Installation & Service

Industrial Control Transformers

Naranjo Electronics offers industrial control solutions for the most challenging industrial applications. Our products exceed NEMA ratings for inrush and regulation to make certain control systems are powered properly. Electromagnetic control components require inrush currents at up to 10 times the transformer’s actual rating. Naranjo Electronics can identify the appropriate transformer for your application.

Mobile Machine Shop

Naranjo Electronics can fabricate anything you need to get the job done. The Mobile Machine Shop is a custom project that allows the customer to bring their machinery onsite for any project. 

Programmable Logic Controllers

Programmable Logic Controllers keep your systems running efficiently, and replacement can be costly. Naranjo Electronics will troubleshoot, diagnose and repair your malfunctioning PLC to “like new” condition at a fraction of the replacement cost. In addition, we can analyze your systems to increase efficiency, throughput and quality, or create custom solutions to meet your needs. Contact Us for more information.

Machine Purchasing Assistance

If you are in the market for new equipment or are looking to replace a machine with a refurbished or used product, please be sure to read the following information prior to making your purchase.


Please Contact Us for more information and assistance with your purchase

  • Personally view the machine functioning prior to making your purchase.
  • A freshly painted machine does not mean it is a working machine.
  • Know where your machine is being stored prior to delivery.
  • Have an electrician verify the wiring prior to purchase.
  • Purchase equipment from reputable dealers.

Security Camera Systems

Naranjo Electronics offers a full range of closed circuit camera security systems for your home or business. We specialize in network and wireless camera systems to meet any configuration. Digital video recording puts control in your hands instantly. Contact Us for a free quote.

Stretch Wrap Systems

Naranjo Electronics services a full range of stretch wrap machines for your shipping needs. Contact Us for a free quote.